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Empowering professionals to deliver effective treatment for consequences of psychological trauma for children who suffered from war in Eastern Ukraine through publication and dissemination of treatment guideline in TF-CBT and training professionals

Goals and objectives

1/ To establish a sustainable network of professionals, trained to be a trainers of TF CBT Children, and thus to provide the access for mental health professionals from whole Ukraine to evidence-based methods.

2/ To translate and disseminate between these professionals manual for work with children, who suffer from trauma and traumatic grief.

3/ To create a system for delivering help for students at schools by training professionals in individual TF CBT for children and in group program at the TF CBT basis (SSET manual) and providing them by supervision support, manuals and educational pamphlets.

4/ To organize research activities for providing evidence-base support and advocacy such approach at the public and governmental levels. 

Locations and target audience 

Goals 1, 2 – Lviv, for professionals from all regions of Ukraine (including Ternopil), for children who suffer from trauma and traumatic grief.

Goals 2, 3, 4 – Lviv, for professionals from Lviv, for children who suffer from trauma and traumatic grief and who are students of 5 schools from this city.

What do we propose?

To establish training program with a focus on “train the trainer” approach as first step and leading regional training to local professionals and providing local supervisory support (TF CBT for Children, for individual work).  IMH UCU and UICBT have appropriate professional resources and expertise for that (we have TF-CBT trainers and supervisors who got international training and are accredited through European Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies).

To establish training program (at the SSET basis, for group leaders) with a focus on leading regional training to local professionals and providing supervisory support for these professionals (in Lviv).

One issue that is more important is measure of effects of such approach. It is important for us as trainers, important for students and teachers, and it is important for future implementation of this program at the all-Ukrainian level.  Therefore, we suggest creating research design (adaptation of measures, training professionals to use it, organisation of data gathering and analytics, prepare of report).

Yet there is great need in detailed modern treatment manual that will empower delivering of appropriate training programs and their dissemination in Ukraine. Having done review of all modern textbooks on TF-CBT for children we have focused on  “Treating Trauma and Traumatic Grief in Children and Adolescents” by Judith A. Cohen, Anthony P. Mannarino, Esther Deblinger. This is modern textbook written by leading experts in the field with solid theoretical base and detailed description of techniques and their application. We think that translation, publication and dissemination of this book will have great impact on education of Ukrainian mental health care providers and will enable quality of training initiatives developed by our institutes. 

What are proposed project activities?

1-st module – books and information materials:

·        Translation and publication of Ukrainian edition of mentioned above book (we checked already availability of copy right and have preliminary agreement with publisher, we have also all available resources and experience in translation and publication of mental health books for professionals, it is planned to print from costs of the project 2000 copies)

·        Dissemination of this book in the network of professionals (2000 copies of book will be disseminated for free among professionals and organizations delivering psychological help for traumatized children, students of TF-CBT training program, network of school psychologists, social care, volunteer services etc)

·        Creation of information pamphlets on trauma in children (how to identify the signs and symptoms, and treatment options). 3 different pamphlets (1) for parents (2) for children/adolescents and (3) for teachers will be created. 

2-nd module – training the trainers in TF-CBT Children from whole Ukraine:

·        Developing “train the trainer” program in TF-CBT for children

·        Training 25 trainers in TF-CBT (the book Treating Trauma and Traumatic Grief in Children and Adolescents” and information pamphlets will be utilized during training)

·        Delivering regional trainings for professionals from whole Ukraine. It is expected that these trainers will provide appropriate trainings and supervisions at their regional level to at least 300 specialists and will do this on volunteer basis.

3-rd module – training the professionals from Lviv (SSET):

·        Developing program in basics of the TF-CBT Children for local school professionals (nature and neurobiology of trauma, structure of work with trauma; with supplying them materials from book Treating Trauma and Traumatic Grief in Children and Adolescents” and information pamphlets

·        Developing program in SSET for local professionals (supplying them with SSET manual)

·        Delivering TF-CBT training (3 days) and SSET training (2 days) (sequentially) for these 20 school professionals in Lviv

4-th module – research and assessment:

·        Creating research design

·       To provide the decentred translation of measures and evaluation of psychometric properties of them

·        To engaging local professional to data gathering (during trainings)

·        Assessment of the effect: number of child, level of mental health improvement and other issues

5-th module – leading of SSET program in schools

·        Presentations of the trauma issues for teachers, parents and students (by professionals from Lviv)

·        Leading the groups for children, exposed to trauma (5 schools, simultaneously, by professionals from Lviv)

·      Providing supervision for practitioners during psychoeducation for teachers and parents, screening for PTSD symptoms and Leading the groups