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Creating a model of improvement children and adolescents mental health services quality in Ukraine on the example of Lviv city

This project aims to show that changes are possible and they do not depend exceptionally on Ministry of Health activities. This project is based on previous successful experience of local NGO`s and public organizations in application of innovative services in the field of children and adolescent mental health care. They have proved that certain problems can be settled by a special programs development. One of the successful projects, supported by SCO, was implemented by an educational-rehabilitation center "Dzherelo" in relation to providing early detection and modern complex interventions to the children with autism spectrum disorders. This program is functioning in Lviv and continues to render services to the children with autism. Also, due to active partnership of other partners - Center of Psychology of Ukrainian Catholic University, medical and social center "Dialog", center of child development "Family Circle", public professional association Ukrainian Institute of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy, psychiatry and psychotherapy department of the postgraduate education faculty of Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University - a range of different projects and programs were successfully implemented.

Project Overall Goal: Contributing to improving the quality of mental health services for children and adolescents in Ukraine on the example of Lviv city through introducing a new European protocols/guidelines, improving capacities of the health care specialists and raising awareness of the parents and general public.

Project Objectives:

1. Improving related regulatory framework through introduction and publication of the modern European protocols and guidelines.

2. Improving capacities of medical staff in the field of child and adolescent mental health care through:

a. Update of continuous medical education curriculum for child psychiatrist in Lviv National Medical University based on modern European standards and guidelines – general specialization program and two week course on postgraduate education

b. Development of specialized program in evidenced based approaches in child and adolescent psychotherapy in Ukrainian Institute of Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy “Introduction to child and adolescent mental health. CBT for children and adolescents”.

3. Improving early screening and referral for related mental health serviced through:

a. Education of primary health care specialists.

b. Education of parents and community.

4. Promotion/awareness raising of best practices in child and adolescent mental health care system through publications, internet, conferences.

5. Development of recommendations and concrete action plan for the MoH, based on the project implementation, to be introduced in the frame of “Improvement of the child psychiatric care in Ukraine” concept and disseminated nationwide.