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"Від турботи про психічне здоров'я окремої особи, родини - до більш здорового та гармонійного суспільства..."

UCU’s Institute of mental health was founded in 2012 as a part of UCU’s big society.


UCU’s Institute of mental health’s mission is promoting mental health and development of person,  family and society by sharing high-quality knowledge, releasing educational programs for professionals of mental health area, consumers of mental health service and their families, also having lots of psychological welfare developmental programs and activities for wide range of people.

Directions we work in

  • Creating mental health educational activities.

  • Educational programs for post-graduates and other events for professionals of mental health area (psychotherapists, counselors, social workers).

  • Educational programs for persons, who create therapeutic environment (parents, carers, professionals of palliative care area, professionals, who work with disabled, medical doctors, nurses etc.)

  • Educational programs at the edge of spirituality and psychotherapy, which facilitate dialogue and mutual enrichment of both.

  • Programs aimed at mental health support and development of psychological welfare (for parents, spouses, work teams and other interested ones).

  • Individual psychological help (adults, children, families).

  • Publishing activity.

  • Scientific research activity.

  • Clinic programs and social projects.


Oleg Romanchuk


Halyna Netlukh


Kateryna Yavna

IMH's publishing manager

Orest Suvalo

IMH's projects and programs manager

Julia Stadnytska

manager of "Prostir nadii"

Julia Strelbytska

IMH's administrative activity manager

Olena Karabchyk



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